25 SpongeBob Deleted Scenes Nickelodeon Couldn't Show

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Published on Apr 27, 2019

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SpongeBob may live in a pineapple under the sea and have a daily job at the Krusty Krab, but there’s a lot the innocent-looking sponge is hiding from his legions of fans. How do we know this?! Well, over the years, Nickelodeon has released all types of deleted scenes involving the characters of Bikini Bottom.

Some of these scenes were cut for time -- others were cut because Nickelodeon would NEVER dare air them for children all around the world. What kind of scenes are we talking about? Well, there’s the time Squidward TORE HIS FACE OFF and had to get it stitched back on. The there’s the time when Mr. Krabs called his parents -- only to find out they were dead. Squidward has a pretty crazy mind, but you have to see the deleted scenes from the “Snowball Effect” episode to understand just how deep his insanity goes when trying to get revenge on SpongeBob and Patrick. Sandy Cheeks has been involved in a few deleted scenes as well, including one where she goes back home to Texas. If you’re a fan of Plankton, then you probably wouldn’t like seeing the episode where Karen pretty much destroys him and flicks him away like a piece of waste. And there are even some deleted scenes that aired originally and were pulled from the air after they were shown. Join us at Screenrant as we count down these scenes, go over why they were cut and reveal everything we know about them including storyboards and animatics!

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