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    • Put Your Finger Here And Try to Save a Little Guy - Тривалість: 4 хвилини і 16 секунд.

      • 9 годин тому
      • 38 636 переглядів
      In case you’ve been dreaming to take an active part in some screen action and save someone who needs you help – here’s your chance at both. We have this little guy who just can't stay away from tro...
    • 10 Countries That Have Extremely Different Concepts of Male Beauty - Тривалість: 11 хвилин.

      • 12 годин тому
      • 58 274 перегляди
      You know how the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It really couldn’t be more accurate! What’s considered attractive is totally different for everybody. And it’s not just abo...
    • 10 Strange Facts About Cleopatra Your Teachers Never Told You - Тривалість: 12 хвилин.

      • 15 годин тому
      • 57 214 переглядів
      Whether you’ve seen her portrayed on the big screen, you learned about her in school, or probably a combination of both, Cleopatra is definitely one of the most well-known names out there! She was ...
    • 10 High-Fat Foods That Are Actually Super Healthy - Тривалість: 10 хвилин.

      • 23 години тому
      • 77 050 переглядів
      How to Eat Your Favorite Foods and Stay Healthy. The first rule of any diet is to avoid all foods that are high in fat, right? However, some high-fat products are incredibly healthy and can totall...
    • 6 Ways to Save Your Pet's Life In An Emergency - Тривалість: 10 хвилин.

      • 1 день тому
      • 57 881 перегляд
      How to Save Your Pet’s Life. It’s probably one of the most horrifying things you can imagine: your beloved fur baby needs emergency medical assistance right now. Whether it’s from choking, massive ...
    • 7 Reasons Why Nordic People Are the Happiest In the World - Тривалість: 10 хвилин.

      • 1 день тому
      • 55 088 переглядів
      How to Become Happier. Did you know that Nordic countries top the list of the world's happiest people year after year? What is it about their philosophy of life that makes them so content and happy...
    • What Type of Guy Are You? Personality Test - Тривалість: 10 хвилин.

      • 1 день тому
      • 98 154 перегляди
      Find out what type of guy you’re with this simple and fun test! Your personal preferences and reactions to different life situations can pretty much tell you what type of guy you are. You’ve got 10...
    • 8 Proven Benefits of Green Tea - Тривалість: 9 хвилин і 15 секунд.

      • 1 день тому
      • 83 932 перегляди
      How to Boost Your Health. Tea is the second most popular drink after water. Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years. It’s definitely tasty and healthy, but what about the number of calor...
    • If You See a Service Dog Without Its Owner, Don’t Ignore It! - Тривалість: 12 хвилин.

      • 2 дні тому
      • 85 605 переглядів
      How to Deal with Service Dogs. What would you do if a dog wearing some sort of vest randomly approached you without an owner in sight? Pet it, call animal control, or ignore it? Today’s video will ...
    • If You See This While Swimming, Get Out Of the Water Right Away! - Тривалість: 14 хвилин.

      • 2 дні тому
      • 133 042 перегляди
      How to Stay Safe While Swimming. Swimming is a great way to stay fit and healthy, plus it’s quite relaxing, no wonder so many people enjoy it. But most people would never dream that some encounters...
    • What If You Shot A Gun In Space? - Тривалість: 8 хвилин і 56 секунд.

      • 2 дні тому
      • 99 589 переглядів
      Some questions keep us wondering and puzzled for years. Questions like: what is the meaning of life, why is the Earth spinning, and what would happen if your shot a gun in space? Imagine yourself f...
    • Tie a Banana Peel for 7 Days, And See What Happens to Your Body - Тривалість: 11 хвилин.

      • 3 дні тому
      • 165 960 переглядів
      How to Use Banana Peels. Next time you eat a banana, hold on before you throw away that seemingly useless peel. A Banana peel is a magical thing that can help you tackle problems with corns, callus...
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    All the brilliant Bright Side riddles that only the smartest people can solve. Amazing brainteasers, mystery riddles, and detective puzzles – all in one place. Scientists have long proven that solving tricky riddles and challenging puzzles gives your brain the workout it needs. Do it regularly to keep your mind sharp, develop your creative and analytical skills and keep your memory in its best condition. The more you exercise your brain, the more productive you'll be at work or school. Some of our riddles are so hard only 2% of people can solve them. Give it a try!
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  • Weight Loss Exercises Відтворити все

    How to Lose Belly Fat and Get the Body of Your Dreams? How to Get a Flat Stomach, Slender Arms and Slim Toned Legs? How to Remove Side Fat Quickly? How to Get a Slim Waist and Burn Fat Like Crazy even if You're Super Lazy? What common workout mistakes should you avoid to reach your goals? What natural remedies can help you lose fat overnight? How to Slim Down Your Face? Our Weight Loss Exercises playlist will answer all these questions for you - keep watching to have the perfect beach body all year round.
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  • Psychological Tips Відтворити все

    Knowing the basics of psychology can help you understand yourself and other people better. Following some simple tips and using some psychology tricks you can become more attractive or ever control other people. How to be Successful and Rich? What habits do rich people have that the poor don't? How to Spot a Liar? How to Read People like a Book? How to Know if You're Super Smart and how to Develop Your Brain? How to Memorize Things Quicker? Use the psychological life hacks and change your life for the better.
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  • Facts About Human Body Відтворити все

    You think that you know your own body well enough, however there are many true amazing facts about it that will just shock you. How to recognize signals your body is sending you when it's crying for help? How to test your body to know it's healthy? What happens inside your body? How to boost your brain and get smarter? What superpowers do we have as humans? What will happen to the Earth and humans in 1,000 years? You will learn these and many other Facts About Human Body in this playlist with a selection of Bright Side videos that will surprise you and help you learn a bunch about yourself.
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  • Health Tips Відтворити все

    Your health and the health of your loved ones is the most important thing in the world. How to stay healthy and what scary symptoms should you watch out for? How do you know when you have to see a doctor because your skin, eyes, tongue, or kidneys are sending you alarming signals crying for help? What foods are safe to eat and what you should absolutely avoid? How can you lose weight without working out but using natural and DIY remedies? You'll find answers to these and many other questions in our Health Tips playlist.
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  • Smartphone Hacks Відтворити все

    The most popular Bright Side phone hacks and tricks for Android and iPhones that that will change the way you use your smartphone. If you think you know your phone well enough, we'll pretty sure surprise you with some new amazing hacks and features. Learn how to make the most out of your smartphone experience, what messages are clearly scam and what phone calls to avoid, how to use messengers including WhatsApp like a pro and what your favorite Instagram filter says about your personality. You're going to love these useful tips and tricks that will help you have a fun experience with your gadgets and also protect your personal data.
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  • Survival Tips Відтворити все

    How to Survive Natural Disasters? Hot to Protect Yourself and Your Family? How to Survive in the Wild? How to Avoid or Escape Danger? How to Handle Emergency Situations Quickly and Efficiently? Our life is so fast and crazy these days, you never know when you might need to know the answers to all these questions. Self-defense techniques, basic survival skills, tips on how handle wild animals and what to do if you're left alone facing disaster - all these things could save your life.
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  • Touching Stories Відтворити все

    We all have moments of sadness and joy, and it’s the latter that keeps the world going. Stories of true friendship, kindness of strangers, finding joy in little things, lying for a good cause, and finding the secret to a happily ever after will inspire you to love and share with people around you. After all, you don't know it might be the last time you see them. A kind word can unbreak a heart and a kind act can change a life. Enjoy our heartwarming stories proving that this world is a happy place no matter what.
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